Tuesday, August 30, 2011

About Bob

My name is Robert Clary, and I am a South Carolinian born and raised, 19 and currently attending my second year at Coastal Carolina. I come from a big family and all of my mom's family were born in Chile, South America. In high-school, I ran track and swam for one year, and played basketball almost four years.  I was in band where i played drums and trumpet, I love hanging out with my friends on the beach surfing and playing guitar.  Though this concept of a blog is a new thing to me, I have created it in hopes of building my communications skills for my future business endeavors, which is why i also enrolled in this course. I am a pretty open-minded dude so i'll be blogging about whatever comes to mind and what i expect to get out of this course is exactly what i put into. Hope you enjoy reading, Bob

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