Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Blog on Blogs

Even though each of these four blogs contain different approaches at how they wanted to get their individual point across, each blog successfully relayed a message to this reader.

I'll start with the Zappos blog which is definitely a blog directed to the readers as an informational speech to show why Tony H. loves doing what he does. He points out that many creators of successful million dollar companies usually stop "personally" working on their projects after that one big break. He states that the reason he continues is because he loves inspiring people, and shows that with a great work ethic comes great results which is what he personally lives for.

The LinkedIn blog is more of a diary kind of blog. Its just an average day at work for Ferris Jumah, but the reader comes to learn that this work day is about as average as Ferris Bueller's Day Off... not at all!

Both whole story blogs take a more direct approach to get their readers attention. The Recyclable blog lists many reasons as to how one can help our world by being cleaner, and still maintaining efficiency.

The Get Snack Happy blog also list a healthy lifestyle choice for its readers. Ways for today's youth to eat healthier and also gave a incentive to read their blog. 100 dollar gift card is always a good way to get more followers!! Four different blogs, Four successful messages... Well done

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