Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Persuasive Writing

The persuasive letter that i chose for this blog post is about a young woman writing to her principal about possibly getting new chairs to make the class more structurally equal. The student here chooses to take a more sympathetic approach to the situation of the new chairs believing that the principal will feel her frustration with the problem. It is formatted with the address to the principal, one long paragraph, and a closing thank you  from her and the other students. The obvious audience in this letter is the principal because he is the one with all the power in this situation. The approach she takes is by coaxing the principal to believe that they would be better off if the new seats were given because class would have a more fluid flow. The voice she tries to take is very passionate because she really strongly believes in this idea. The message she tries to communicate is that it will be beneficial to both the boys and girls in her class and persuades him by promising behavior of the entire class. It is quite effective but i do believe that if i were to be the one writing this letter that i would have taken a slightly more serious approach. Other than that i think the young lady will be granted her new seats!!

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